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Let Us Take Care Of Your Dialog System to .NET Migration!

Let Us Take Care Of Your Dialog System to .NET Migration!

Yumasoft migrates COBOL Dialog System based applications to .NET Windows Forms painlessly and inexpensively. For more information, contact us now!

Why should you migrate your Dialog System based computer systems to .NET? In short, the proprietary approach of the Dialog System is obsolete.

Companies that don't migrate their legacy systems will not be able to take advantage of the vast array of new capabilities that are being provided by IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and other vendors. Existing systems can not be converted by hand or rewritten from scratch - there is not enough time nor money.

A solution is needed that is fast, inexpensive and creates the flexible kind of natural object oriented code that is needed today (and tomorrow) to successfully take advantage of the internet and all it implies. Yumasoft can migrate your legacy Dialog System based systems to .NET.

A legacy migration project is a complex undertaking. Yumasoft has wide experience with source code transformations. With the Yumasoft' migration services you can leverage this experience and do your legacy migration project in an efficient, timely and cost efficient manner.

Yumasoft transforms all aspects of your legacy code. All functionality is preserved during the migration process. This allows you to build on your previous software investment and increase its value. The migrated system contains no emulations or hidden code. There are no continuing charges or license fees. This lowers current and future costs and allows you better control over your cost structure. Yumasoft produces C# or - if desired - COBOL code that is object oriented, well documented, and easy to maintain. This moves you to the forefront of technology and positions you to take advantage of new technological developments.

Would you like to beat your competition to the internet enabled world of .NET and get informed about the Yumasoft' migration services without any obligation? Then please use the on-line contact form. Our three-phases program offers an end-to-end solution to all aspects of the migration process and deliver a fully tested, functionally equivalent, guaranteed, and ready-to-deploy system. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find the cost of a turnkey Dialog System to .NET migration project is far lower than the cost of a new development. For more information, contact us now!

For more information, contact us now!

Dialog System

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Dialog System is a Micro Focus proprietary GUI builder for rapid application development which appeared on the market in the early 1990s.

Dialog System enables to design and edit windows and dialog boxes for display on a Windows system and to pass data between this interface and a COBOL application program.

Micro Focus offered its Dialog System with a solution that provides a bridge between the character-oriented working COBOL and the graphical world of Windows.

However, already in the late 1990s more sophisticated GUI solutions came through, for example, Java AWT, Swing and later SWT and the .NET Framework. The proprietary approach of the Dialog System became more and more obsolete.

Yumasoft offers migration services that help to

migrate existing COBOL Dialog System based applications to .NET Windows Forms painlessly and inexpensively.

The migrated Dialog System applications work seamlessly with other .NET languages and numerous .NET frameworks.

The migration results in Windows Forms GUI among with an execution flow definition based on the migrated Dialog System execution script. The migration output is a natural C# code or - if desired - Net Express COBOL code.

The migration process can be highly customized in order to follow the customers coding and naming conventions.

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