legacy application migration

Business Frequently Asked Questions

What is this three-phases program that Yumasoft offers?

Phase 1


  1. Application analysis.
  2. Analysis of current platform issues and customer needs.
  3. Dialog System to .NET migration project plan, including: detailed analysis of the application, code inventory, .NET migration plan (COBOL or C#), recommendations, expected benefits, project budget and project schedule.

Duration: 5 days

Phase 2


  1. 20 days of consulting services.
    Dialog System to .NET (COBOL or C#) conversion of Dialog System modules (screensets) of up to 1 000 000 LOC (depending on code complexity).
  2. A comprehensive upgrade plan that includes a precise schedule and conversion strategy for the rest of the systems.

Duration: 20 days

Phase 3


  1. Turnkey solution.
  2. Fully deployable .NET (COBOL or C#) application.
  3. Complete system documentation.

Duration: As specified in a fixed-cost proposal

Does Yumasoft provide a Dialog System to .NET converting tool?

Yumasoft provides software migration as a service to make sure we can get you as close to 100% as possible to natural C# code. This is done by Yumasoft working with you to understand what you have and where you want to go with your overall migration project (including your application, your architecture, your .NET and SOA environment). We typically develop customized rules to create C# code that looks exactly the way you want it. Just contact us to get started.

Can I use the migrated code for whatever I want?

Yes, the code created by Yumasoft is entirely owned by you. This assumes, of course, that you are the owner of the original legacy source code file we migrated. Yumasoft maintains no rights or claims to the Yumasoft created C# source code. There is no ongoing code usage cost or compiler cost.

What if I'm not comfortable submitting my source code to you?

This is a very common concern in today’s competitive business world and the world of systems security. We typically work with you on a non-disclosure agreement basis. There are many ways to work together to insure the protection of your assets and property. Please contact us to discuss how we can insure that we can work with you to meet the needs or your corporation and environment.

How long does a migration project typically take?

The length of a project depends largely on the standards used in the legacy system. Dialog System is a complex tool that has been developed over a period of time and was written using the earlier Micro Focus Panels API which in turn depends completely on the Windows SDK API functions for windows programming functionality. Any non-standard COBOL usage (and there are a lot of ways around the standards in COBOL) must be dealt with either by modifying the non-standard code or modifying the migration software to accept the non-standard code. To deal with these situations (which occur to some degree in every project) the shortest time frame to complete a simple basic project would be around 6 weeks. The total length of a project is, of course, dependent on the customizations, if any, which are required by the project.

We would like our legacy Dialog System based application migrated to a language other then C#. Can your service create languages other than C#?

Our migration software consists of parsers and generators. A parser converts legacy code (such as Dialog System or COBOL) to an intermediate form. A generator (such as the C# generator) generates C# from the intermediate form. To generate something in a language other than C# we would need to develop a generator for that language. This is a straightforward process and we have developed generators for other languages (for example Java). Please contact us for more information.

Why don't you charge a license fee for your support classes?

We believe that our clients need the source code for all migrated code. We don't believe that it's fair, right or practical to charge continuing license fees forever just because you selected us to do your migration project. So, while we do retain the copyright to the support classes we grant each customer a no-fee perpetual license to use the code.